Member Spotlight - Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan
President and chief steward at electro acoustics, inc.

Chris Jordan is president and chief steward at Electro Acoustics, Inc., a business of large scale, commercial Audio/Video lighting systems. Jordan grew up in Fort Worth and started the business 38 years ago, out of his own garage.
“I had a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix; I sold that, then went to a pawn shop and bought a handful of tools and a cargo van,” he said. He founded the company in 1984 with his wife, Sue, to whom he has been married for 43 years.
Electro Acoustics’ scope of work covers the waterfront, from Dickies Arena and The Ballpark in Arlington to universities and churches. Jordan said his company provides a great work environment as well as an opportunity for people to develop their careers.
Jordan’s two sons, who work in the company, are in the process of buying it from their father. “I’ll work alongside them, but they’ll have all the headaches of cash flow and pulleys, while I get to focus on clients and solving problems – that’s what I like to do the most,” Jordan said.
Jordan joined the Rotary Club of Fort Worth seven years ago. “I initially joined for the same reason most everyone else does, because it may be financially advantageous and I could make connections,” Jordan said.
“Then somewhere along the way, I had a ‘Rotary moment,’ and I realized this club does an awful lot of good things for the community,” he said.
Jordan heard about Rotary from then club President Doug Briley, whose agency was handling the company’s marketing. Briley was the first to invite Jordan to a Rotary meeting.
Jordan said Doug told him Rotary “is where decision-makers do a lot of good things. This is a great place to come and develop relationships within the business in the Fort Worth community.”
“And that was the hook for me,” Jordan recalled.
At first, Jordan said he was intimidated about going into the Fort Worth Club for the meeting, in a jacket and tie. “I live out in Benbrook, and we are a construction company, so it was real intimidating, but I found everyone to be so exceptionally warm, friendly, inviting and welcoming.”
Serving on one of the club’s committees helped Jordan recognize Rotary’s impact on the community. About 20 club members, led by Past President Andy Taft, interviewed different nonprofits to try to find where Rotary could fill in the gaps. The need became clear for Walton Elementary, so they began reading programs and even remodeled some of the campus.
By far, Jordan’s favorite thing about Rotary is developing relationships with people who can best understand where he is coming from. “When you really get to know people, that is what keeps people committed to long-term business relationships.”
Jordan cites his friendship with Richard Knight, COO of Knight Waste Services, as someone who can best commiserate about the challenges that come with running a similar-sized company. Another person Jordan admires is Carlo Capua, whom Jordan deemed ‘one of the best leaders’ he’s ever worked with.